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St. Berry Press Cuttings  

St. Berry Press Cuttings

Losing my mind - St. Berry fanfiction. 

Set after last year’s nationals.

Jesse stormed into his New York City hotel room with red eyes. That kiss. Watching them, watching her kissing him on stage, it ruined him. He was never the broken hearted boy; In fact, he was always the heartbreaker one. But right now, right there, he felt like someone shattered his heart to thousand tiny pieces. 
He sat on the bed, took the pillow in his muscular hands and buried his face in it, crying like a little baby. He might have felt and looked like an idiot, but he was absolutely devastated.

"Jesse, Jesse !" he heard , and almost couldn’t recognize the voice between his groans and the tears that were streaming down his face. After few minutes of a loud knocks on the room’s door, Jesse threw the wet pillow away and rubbed his eyes, then went to open the door.
The petite brunette stood there, her hands placed on her hips, a worried expression on her face but still looked beautiful as always in Jesse’s eyes.
“Yes, Berry ?” He asked politely, looking at her with no expression on his face. Rachel walked inside the room, closing the wood door behind her. She took a seat on the king size hotel bed, ordered Jesse with her eyes to sit on the metal chair in front of her. Staring at him quietly for couple of moments, she leaned in to be closer to him as she opened her mouth to speak.
“Jess, I-I’m so sorry,” she mumbled, which was weird to the fact she was such a determined person usually. With tears forming in her eyes, she continued, “That…kiss, it wasn’t planned. We both had strong feelings to each other at the moment, and truth is we never stopped loving..” she tried to grab his hand, but Jesse quickly moved it away, staring deeply into her dark eyes.
“You used me.” He said slowly, looking away in case tears would come again.
“No, no Jesse ! That’s not true !” Rachel claimed, her voice weak and cracking.
“But basically, that’s what you did. I came back to Lima, all the way from Lima to here, for you. You took me to prom, we kissed. But on the other hand, you kept ignoring my texts, my calls… I should’ve known.” He sighed as he looked back at Rachel, once again with no expression on his face. Though it felt like his words had no meaning, they broke her, they scratched her heart.

She knew he was right. But what could she do now?
“I better go,” she hummed shortly and stood up, fixing her dress, “We lost, if it matters,” she added and got to the door. Jesse stood up and walked behind her, opening the door for her.
She took one last look at him as he whispered, “I loved you,” . She ran down the empty hotel hallway, covering her face with her tiny hands.

Jesse shut the door behind him, letting the tears stream down his face again. He lost her.
He laid on the bed, burying his face in the blanket, crying for an hour or so. Then he threw the wet sheets all around the room; he was losing control. He fell to the ground, shaking and crying, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore.
He ran to the bathroom and grabbed his medications case, opening it on the bed, sighing heavily. He picked a random syrup bottle and drank it all, he was so depressed he wasn’t even thinking.
Then he took out his pills pack, putting them in his mouth one after another, taking a short sip of water after every pill. Bursting in tears again, he laid next to the scattered medicines. Have he lost his mind ? Was he giving up life so easily ? He was too drugged to think straight.
His breaths got heavier in every second, and the tears stopped suddenly.  “I loved you,” he whispered, as he shut his eyes for the last time.

The tale of IT. A St. Berry Care Bear Story by bouquineuse 

A slightly weird little drabble for St.Berry Week prompt day seven.

The tale of IT. A St. Berry Care Bear Story.

If anyone would have told Jesse that he’d be packing IT with him wherever he moved to, he would have told them they had lost their minds. But the fact was, where he lived, IT came to live too. Once, he had actually stuffed IT into his waste paper basket. That was the day of the “Run Joey Run” humiliation. But then he’d had second thoughts and retrieved IT the next morning, merely banning the care bear to his bedroom closet, from which dark space IT had re-emerged a few weeks later to sit once more upon his bed.

The night after the egging, he had actually shed real tears into the care bear’s soft plushy fur, and tried explaining to IT and to himself, why he had caved in to peer pressure. He hadn’t been able to explain his reasons satisfactorily and every time he looked at IT, he felt guilt and loss. So back into the closet IT went.

Before he moved onto campus in LA, Jesse had the blue care bear cleaned, put into a clear plastic gift bag and smuggled IT into his dorm room. He pretended he had just bought IT for his girlfriend back home and would give it to her as a surprise when next he saw her, at least that’s what he told his friends when they chanced upon IT.

After failing college, Jesse returned to Ohio, and of course IT came too. He filled the care bear’s ears with his guilt and his thoughts before he finally got up the nerve to apologize to Rachel. For a short time Jesse was happy, and he’d tell IT about all the plans he had for New York and Rachel and their future. Then the kiss at Nationals happened. Jesse would have returned IT to Rachel immediately after that, but for once he had left the bear behind and by the time he returned home he was once again unable to bring himself to totally sever the tie, so he kept IT.

One day he saw another one just like IT, only in the color pink. The bear made him think of Rachel and on a whim he bought and sent the pink care bear to her. All he wrote on the card accompanying the gift were the words “to Rachel from Jesse, who will always care.” He never heard back from her, but he didn’t expect to. He hadn’t put a return address.

Over the following years, IT was relegated to a storage closet in whatever apartment Jesse was living in. He rarely looked at or thought of IT, because if he did, then he would remember and remembering made him feel things that hurt. But one day, IT came out of storage. Jesse was moving to a loft and the realtor had told him to make his current apartment look like a suitable home for a family with one child in order to attract more potential buyers. So on the day the realtor was showing his apartment he put his trophies from childhood on a shelf in the spare room and placed IT on the bed before the viewing was to take place, then he left.  

When he returned he was surprised to find the realtor still there. She told him he had an interested buyer, and they would be back shortly. Twenty minutes later Jesse opened the door to his appartment only to find a petite brunette with large expressive brown eyes standing there; she was clutching a slightly worn pink care bear.

Rachel never did buy the apartment. Instead she and Jesse live very happily in the loft he bought which has plenty of room for them, their twins and the two care bears that adorn the children’s nursery.

Care Bears Together for St.Berry Week prompt 7 by bouquineuse 

 Jesse suspected he was either starting to like Rachel Berry
 a little too much, or that her weird obsession with
 animal clothing  had infected him. It was the only way he could
explain the hat he was wearing today. 

Set in the Defying Gravity universe Snapshot 1 drabble in which Jesse & Rachel’s daughter Harmony learns more about her parents than she ever wanted to. Written for the Week prompt St. Babies.

Defying Gravity  

For St. Berry Week (prompts 1 & 3). With a little help from Jesse & Kurt, Rachel finally achieves her dreams on Broadway.

Why Finn Hudson Ships St. Strawberry 

Title: Why Finn Hudson Ships Saint Strawberry

Author: The Gerber Baby

Word Count: 1,225

Genre: Romance, Humor

Pairing: Jesse/Rachel

Summary: When Will is stuck in Chicago, McKinley’s very own show choir consultant takes over the glee club. His assignment? Write a 500 page paper on why you ship St. Berry. Written for St. Berry Week Day 2

AN: I don’t write smut, so this is just a random drabble that came up in my head. To make it relate to St .Berry week Day 2…I just added a bit at the end.

Will Schuester rubbed his eyes blearily and sighed. Two in the morning and his Spanish 3 essays were yet to be graded, and that’s not even taking in the issue that Figgins had called an emergency staff meeting at 6:30 am regarding Sue’s recent decision to turn the staff lounge into a call center for North Korean spies.

He didn’t make it a habit of hating on his colleagues; in fact, aside from his vendetta against Sylvester and the occasional problem with Figgins, he quite enjoyed his associations with the other staff members at McKinley. But this guy—if he even counted as a staff member—was just awful. Awful, awful, awful.

Last weekend had been a magical one for Will and Emma. They had taken advantage of the three day weekend and had driven to Chicago to spend the weekend at a quaint little bed and breakfast that Emma had always gone to as a child. Unfortunately snowstorm had hit and when Tuesday came and school started, the pair had still been stuck hundreds of miles from home. Instead of “wasting good bathroom facility money”, Figgins had merely assigned the New Directions show choir to direct the club while Will was gone.

Said show choir consultant had directed the club for about ten minutes before declaring all there but one a group of talentless sad sacks who would spend their day scooping panda poop at the Lima zoo. The show choir consultant then whisked his girlfriend away, but not before assigning an essay prompt that was to be due on Tuesday.

Of course, after assigning the essay the show choir consultant hadn’t wanted to grade them, which was why Will was still sitting on his couch, red pen all over his hands and a freshly read stack of essays in front of him.

Kurt Hummel

There are numerous reasons as to why I ship St. Berry, but at the forefront are two demanding issues that only Jesse can solve, and Finn can only worsen . For example, Rachel Berry looks best wearing warm, earthy colors. After raiding her closet and throwing away all the animal sweaters, Rachel now wears beautiful red skirts, lovely pink dresses and brown sweaters to enhance her lovely hair and eyes. Finn however, looks be—well, alright in cool colors such as blue, green and white. All which clash horribly with Rachel’s now enhanced wardrobe. Meanwhile, Jesse and his ever present black is perfect. Black is a blank slate that allows Rachel’s outfit to pop against him, and that is how it should be.

Also, the second issue is that Finn’s too tall to walk in the doorways of that little condo I found in Manhattan for us. I really don’t want to have to rush to the hospital all the time to fix his head.

Wait, you just described mine and Ms. Pillsbury’s wardrobe—Mr. Schuester

Santana Lopez

So maybe I hate Berry with a passion but with hate comes love, right? So I suppose I love that sexy little bitch in a way. And I don’t let shit happen to the things I kind of love on the off day. Finn is terrible in bed. He reeks of mediocrity. Cabbage patch dolls are sexier than him. Seriously, I’d rather go at it with a doll than him. Berry deserves better, and that St. Assbag is quite a fine work. If it weren’t for Britt he’d totally make my lady loins explode. I wonder if he’s up for a threesome with us. I wonder if Berry’s up for a threesome with us. Or I could just join them, I know they’re doing it.

Santana this essay is absolutely inappropriate for a scho—who am I kidding, this whole assignment is inappropriate. – Mr. Schuester


If I had it my way, Berry would be with Lopez and we’d be going at it all night. It’d be so fucking hot, Berry could dress as a Jewish schoolgirl and Lopez could be like some hot Zorro chick and ohmyfucking god I need a bathroom break.

I need to talk to you in my office about what is appropriate for school—Mr. Schuester

Mercedes Jones

I like it when Rachel’s with Jesse. I mean, in a way he’s the one that got me together with Sam, otherwise who knows what could’ve happened at prom? So in that, I’m grateful and I also like him because he distracts Rachel from trying to take all the solos. I mean seriously, that little gremlin just GOES AND GOES AND GOES ON AND ON ABOUT NOBODY APPRECIATING HER AND TAKING ALL THE SOLOS AND I’M JUST LIKE BITCH I WANT THE SOLO AND I DESERVE THE SOLO. I AIN’T NO ANITA. I AM MARIA.

Mercedes, you had the solo in the group song last week, please don’t leave the group again—Mr. Schuester


hI. I lyuk st. bluebery becuz rachl had tht big crushe on u mr. shooe and sinc she cnt have u she shuld haf the nextxt best thing. Ur son. Aslo lord tubbingtn lyks jesse, he lerned a lot abt reality teevee from him.

Brittany, he’s not my son and

I have scheduled a meeting with writing lab for you tomorrow—Mr. Schuester

Artie Abrams

I like St. Berry, ya dig? I mean, boy’s gawt a good head on his fine little shoulders and his singing is dope, yo. Plus, when Rachel’s with my homie st. James, she’s less annoying and that’s always good, ya know whatta mean? Plus, Jesse’s the only one that helps me with my wheelchair choreography these days. And a brudda gotta stick with a brudda.

Artie, I have scheduled you for the same writing lab that Brittany’s attending tomorrow. Also, we’ll be doing another wheelchair song soon—Mr. Schuester


I like Saint Berry lots. It’s like the Grilled Cheesus, food made holy and that’s always awesome. This one time my mom made me alphabet soup and I think that the letters spelled jesus but I can’t remember since that was a really long time again . but I think it said jesus. Anyways, just imagine how awesome Saint Berry is, especially if it wears one of those funny pope hats. I wonder if it’s a strawberry. Or maybe a blue berry. I really wish Rachel would stop dating Jesse.

Finn…well…um…hey! Writing lab worked for you!—Mr. Schuester.

Will was surprised that he was missing one essay. Rachel Berry never ceased to turn in an assignment, and he was honestly pained to have to give her a red 0 on this one.

Not that she cared though. For you see, Schuester wasn’t the only one still awake at 2 am. Or the only one doing “schoolwork.” Rachel however, was luckier because she had some help in the form of a very naked Jesse St. James



(This was written by The Gerber Baby on She doesn’t have a tumblr, so I’m submitting it for her.)


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