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Losing my mind - St. Berry fanfiction. 

Set after last year’s nationals.

Jesse stormed into his New York City hotel room with red eyes. That kiss. Watching them, watching her kissing him on stage, it ruined him. He was never the broken hearted boy; In fact, he was always the heartbreaker one. But right now, right there, he felt like someone shattered his heart to thousand tiny pieces. 
He sat on the bed, took the pillow in his muscular hands and buried his face in it, crying like a little baby. He might have felt and looked like an idiot, but he was absolutely devastated.

"Jesse, Jesse !" he heard , and almost couldn’t recognize the voice between his groans and the tears that were streaming down his face. After few minutes of a loud knocks on the room’s door, Jesse threw the wet pillow away and rubbed his eyes, then went to open the door.
The petite brunette stood there, her hands placed on her hips, a worried expression on her face but still looked beautiful as always in Jesse’s eyes.
“Yes, Berry ?” He asked politely, looking at her with no expression on his face. Rachel walked inside the room, closing the wood door behind her. She took a seat on the king size hotel bed, ordered Jesse with her eyes to sit on the metal chair in front of her. Staring at him quietly for couple of moments, she leaned in to be closer to him as she opened her mouth to speak.
“Jess, I-I’m so sorry,” she mumbled, which was weird to the fact she was such a determined person usually. With tears forming in her eyes, she continued, “That…kiss, it wasn’t planned. We both had strong feelings to each other at the moment, and truth is we never stopped loving..” she tried to grab his hand, but Jesse quickly moved it away, staring deeply into her dark eyes.
“You used me.” He said slowly, looking away in case tears would come again.
“No, no Jesse ! That’s not true !” Rachel claimed, her voice weak and cracking.
“But basically, that’s what you did. I came back to Lima, all the way from Lima to here, for you. You took me to prom, we kissed. But on the other hand, you kept ignoring my texts, my calls… I should’ve known.” He sighed as he looked back at Rachel, once again with no expression on his face. Though it felt like his words had no meaning, they broke her, they scratched her heart.

She knew he was right. But what could she do now?
“I better go,” she hummed shortly and stood up, fixing her dress, “We lost, if it matters,” she added and got to the door. Jesse stood up and walked behind her, opening the door for her.
She took one last look at him as he whispered, “I loved you,” . She ran down the empty hotel hallway, covering her face with her tiny hands.

Jesse shut the door behind him, letting the tears stream down his face again. He lost her.
He laid on the bed, burying his face in the blanket, crying for an hour or so. Then he threw the wet sheets all around the room; he was losing control. He fell to the ground, shaking and crying, he didn’t know what he was doing anymore.
He ran to the bathroom and grabbed his medications case, opening it on the bed, sighing heavily. He picked a random syrup bottle and drank it all, he was so depressed he wasn’t even thinking.
Then he took out his pills pack, putting them in his mouth one after another, taking a short sip of water after every pill. Bursting in tears again, he laid next to the scattered medicines. Have he lost his mind ? Was he giving up life so easily ? He was too drugged to think straight.
His breaths got heavier in every second, and the tears stopped suddenly.  “I loved you,” he whispered, as he shut his eyes for the last time.



One one shot for each day of St Berry Week. Read and review.

Author: Talking To Tulips

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Pairing(s): St. Berry

Set: N/A

Centric: N/A

The Proposal 

Summary: Faced with the decision of her life, it only takes one phone call to make her see what’s really important, before she makes the mistake that could ruin everything.

Author: Bartholomew Mashingspoon.

Rating: T.

Genre: Romance. Angst.

Pairing(s): St. Berry. Klaine. Gingertana. Pezberry friendship. Faberry friendship. Mentions of Finchel. Puckleberry friendship. Bartie.

Set: Glee time and future.

Centic: Rachel.

Word count:  6,790. 

Link to story


Summary: A series of murders, a mysterious killer - Special Agent Lopez and her team have to stop the psychopath before any more women have to die. But what does young Brittany have to do with all of this? A St. Berry & Brittana AU warning: het!smut and violence.

Author: lovebugxstories

Rating: M.

Genre: Romance. Crime.

Pairing(s): St. Berry. Brittana.

Set: AU.

Centric: both.

Word count: 10,881 

Link to story

Auld Lang Syne 

Summary: Five times Rachel and Jesse make the same New Year’s resolutions - mostly without meaning to.

Author: Etoile87

Rating: K.

Genre: Romance. Friendship.

Pairing(s): St. Berry. Mentions of Klaine.

Set: future.

Centric: both.

Word count: 4,386

Link to story

Shadows Beneath The Umbrella 

Summary:  New Directions is about to discover that behind the walls of St. James Manor are secrets and horrific things that should only exist in nightmares. It is up to Rachel and Jesse to solve the mysteries within in order to survive. Resident Evil inspired. 
Author:  EnchantedtoMeetYou (aka Stefanie)
Rating: M
Genre: Horror/mistery
Pairing(s): St. Berry, initial Finchel.
Set: Glee time.
Centric: Both
Word count: 26,095.

Link to story


Summary:  Rachel was promised it was all meant in innocent fun, until a single dare changes a school fundraising proposition into something else entirely. 
Author: Cris.  

Rating: M.
Genre: Romance/Drama.
Pairing(s): established Finchel. St. Berry.
Set: season 2.
Centric: Rachel.
Word count:  31,429.

Link to story

The Stars in the Night Sky 

Summary:  It was never going to be a calm, quiet Christmas in the St James household. 
Author: erinsgirl  
Rating: T.
Genre: Family/Spiritual.
Pairing(s): St. Berry.
Set: Future
Centric: Rachel.
Word count: 7,138.

Link to story

To Traditions New and Old 

Summary:  Rachel and Jesse spend their first Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve together as a couple. Mostly fluff.

Author: scheibecat

Rating: T

Genre: Romance.

Pairing(s): St. Berry.

Set: Future

Centric: both

Word count: 5,615

Link to story

Better with two 

Summary:  Rachel intends to savour some alone time, but Jesse has other ideas. 
Author: BruisedSmile
Rating: M
Genre: Romance.

Pairing(s): St. Berry, Quick, Faberry friendship.

Set: Future

Centric: Both
Word count: 4,919